Aleteia Network

Launched in September 2012, the Aleteia network includes today more than 1,000 partners and several hundred experts.

It already gathers many of the world’s major Catholic media, for instance EWTN, Cançao Nova, Télé-Lumière, Canal 13, TV Seculo 21, Zenit, Ignatius Press, Youcat,,,, CatholicTV, Catholic vote,, le CFRT, l’Évangile au Quotidien, Radio Notre Dame, the Cofrac International Radio Network, l’1visible, Il est Vivant, Lourdes Magazine, Net for God, Anuncioblog, etc.

The complete list of Aleteia’s media partners keeps growing and is available on this page.

An editorial committee constitutes the core of Aleteia’s network of experts. It is composed of about 20 members:

Fr. Giulio Albanese
Fr. Jeremy Driscoll, OSB
Dr. Donna Orsuto
Daniel McInerny
Mario Paredes
Martin Nkafu
Msgr. Jacques Perrier
Msgr. Raffaello Martinelli
Fr. Frederic Manns, OFM
Fr. Robert J. Spitzer, S.J.
Fr. Geraldo Luiz Borges Hackmann
Fr. Paolo Padrini
Fr. Eric Salobir, OP
Guzmán Carriquiry
Martin Kugler
José Luis Vázquez Borau
Hubert de Torcy
Rafael Navarro-Valls
Michel M. Saghbiny
Jaime Septién
Josep Maria Simón
Derrick DeKerchove

The Aleteia network will also include many active members, who will make up a community for action and evangelization in the virtual world, through Internet, and in the real world.