Collaboration with the Church

The key intuition behind the Foundation is the idea that if we operate in isolation from others and by ourselves, we are bound to remain non-existent in a globalized world. It is our firm belief that we will only be able to meet the new challenges of evangelization by working together as a team. The Foundation wants to support and develop concrete collaborative projects to serve its institutional members and Christian media producers who focus on the same goal of evangelization. This is why the Foundation aims to bring together the major Catholic players involved in evangelization and the media, to foster their cooperation and collaboration. The FEM is not affiliated with any particular organization.

Its unifying role is expressed both in the projects it supports, in the sources of funding it seeks, and its structures of governance largely open to all its partners.

The FEM’s structure has three main levels:

img_AG The General Assembly

This is FEM’s main organ of governance, which draws together 20 to 30 large Church institutions.

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img_reunionannuelle The Annual Meeting

The annual meeting takes place every fourth weekend of January in Rome, with the participation of 50 to 100 representatives from Catholic institutions, media and movements.

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1-reseau-aleteia The Aleteia Network

Consists of more than 1,000 media and institution partners (see page about Aleteia’s partners), hundreds of experts and a large number of active users.

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Since its inception, the Foundation has always worked in close collaboration with the Bishops’ Conferences of several countries and the Holy See.