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 Logo-CIMDN The Mary of Nazareth Center: a place to transmit the faith in a modern, attractive and powerful way

  • The International Mary of Nazareth Center was inaugurated in 2011. It has received praise from critics and visitors, but it still lacks a few important elements.
  • Currently covering 47,361 sq.ft. , the International Mary of Nazareth Center offers various presentations, beginning with a tour of 4 state-of-the-art projection rooms, ,where a sound track accompanies strikingly beautiful high definition images on 360°screens, portraying the history of Salvation through Mary’s eyes.
  • Room 1: The First Covenant
  • Room 2: The Incarnation, from the Annunciation to the Nativity
  • Room 3: Christ's Hidden Life and Public Life
  • Room 4: The main events of our Salvation, from the Passion to the Resurrection and the Ascension
  • Biblical Roof Gardens , allow visitors to “keep all these things, reflecting on them in their heart” while enjoying the beautiful view of Nazareth.
  • Adoration and Unity Chapel, greatly appreciated by pilgrims, overlooks the Basilica of the Annunciation, marking the place where God became man.
  • Make a stop by the gift shop, to bring home religious items and books.
  • The cafeteria.
  • Finishing 4 building projects at the Nazareth Center
  • Completion of the multi-purpose Auditorium- room 5 + equipment: €575,000
  • Creation of the show for Room 5 “From Pentecost to the End of Time”: €170,000
  • Installation of unique archeological display at the entrance: €200,000 (estimate)
  • Purchase of the adjacent building and furnishing/installation of 40 guest rooms: €1,000,000 (estimate)
Everyone who travels to Nazareth understands the need to complete these projects. Nazareth is the epicenter of a far-reaching project of evangelization, of international scope, promoting the knowledge and the love of the Virgin Mary—that can bear much fruits.
The 17M€ International Mary of Nazareth Center was the first stage of a development plan for a wide network of Marian Evangelization Centers designed to replicate and bring the Marian Center of Nazareth to many countries all over the world. Completing the unfinished work in Nazareth will permit the multiplication of Centers worldwide and enable pilgrims, visitors and the local population of the Holy Land to enjoy a fully finished and attractive Marian Center in Nazareth.

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