Evangelization Marian Center of Aparecida

The Marian Evangelization Center of Aparecida: a place to transmit the faith in a modern, attractive and powerful way

  • Brazil is the largest Catholic country in the world, with 120 million faithful. The Shrine of Aparecida is located between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. A statue of a Black Virgin was discovered there miraculously by three fishermen in 1717. This discovery was followed by numerous miracles.
  • Our Lady of Aparecida, the patroness of Brazil, is visited by 11 million pilgrims annually. The Basilica of the National Shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida has a seating capacity of 45,000.
  • In December 2012, following in the footsteps of the shrine of Guadalupe, the Shrine of Aparecida commissioned the FEM to build a CMA, on an ideal location, situated between the basilica and the site of the miracle.
  • As in Guadalupe, the shows of the Marian Center of Nazareth will be replicated and a special feature will present the story of Our Lady of Aparecida and its connection with the history of Brazil.
  • The total budget for the construction of this center is about 10M€, to be raised locally.
  • It should be completed in 2015, and welcome one million visitors a year.
Cardinal Damasceno officially commissioned the FEM to design and build the Marian Evangelization Center, under the supervision of Mons. Darci, rector of the shrine.
Aparecida is the national shrine of the largest Catholic country in the world. The educational mission of the Marian Center will extend its influence to all the South American countries.

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