Evangelization Marian Center of Qattara

The Marian Evangelization Center of Qattara: a place to transmit the faith in a modern, attractive and powerful way

  • The Lebanese Maronite Order requested the construction of an Evangelization Marian Centre (EMC) next to the Mar Chalita convent, in Qattara just below Mayfouk. This location for devotion to Mother Mary is one of the oldest in Lebanon.
  • Construction started in 2007 and thanks to the energy of the abbot Antoine, several benefactors supported the project and now the restoration of the building is done.
  • The restoration of the building and the garden settlement have been accomplished thanks to a significant million dollar donation but the rest of the project has been interrupted until additonal funding is secured.
  • An extension of the building is needed for a projection room where Lebanese people will be able to enjoy the multimedia show. Estimated cost: $317.000 USD
  • The cost of the audiovisual equipment needed is estimated to 519 498 USD
  • An adaptation of the original show will be made (arabic translation and a special show on Marian history in the middle east. Estimated cost: $92.710 USD
  • The local council recently invested funds to facilitate access to the EMC : a renovation and an enlargement of the road will be finished in 2014 and two buses can now pass each other comfortably. The convent is located on a pilgrimage way (the road of the saints).
  • The beautiful surroundings of the place make it an ideal location for a retreat center : 1 291 670 ft² of land at 1200 meters above sea level with a beautiful view on the Mediterranean sea.
  • The land is a source of income for the convent : vegetable garden, orchard and vineyard are easily farmable thanks to a lake providing enough water thoughout the year.
  • The center is already open to the public for spiritual retreats thanks to the team living on site. Religious and lay people come regularly to revitalize themselves.
This EMC will stay modest in terms of visitors (30000 a year are projected) but it has an important symbolic value and is a great sign of support for the Christians in the Middle East and at the same time, it will act as a base from which we can develop internet projects in Arabic such as Aleteia.

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