Evangelization Marian Centers

Evangelization Marian Center: multimedia shows on salvation history.
They transmit the catholic faith in a beautiful and modern way in the big marian shrines and in the big cities of the world.


Other projects are under study, specially in Kibeho (Rwanda) and in Vienna (Austria).

Millions of pilgrims converge to Marian shrines all over the world each year to honor the Virgin Mary. Just to name a few: Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico, Aparecida in Brazil, Lourdes in France, and Fatima in Portugal. These places of worship and prayer often do not have educational facilities where pilgrims and visitors can (re)discover the core tenets of their faith, presented in a simple, yet impressive and attractive way. The absence of similar centers is equally felt in large urban areas.
  • Mary of Nazareth Association’s ambition was initially to create the concept of a site dedicated to the Virgin Mary, where visitors could discover the beauty of their faith through a multimedia presentation using today's technological tools. This concept will be developed into a franchise, throughout the world, in three stages.
  • Phase 1 (completed): Creation of a prototype center in Nazareth. The International Mary of Nazareth Center opened in 2011, with further construction projects still planned.
  • Phase 2 (in progress): Creation of Marian Evangelization Centers at the major Marian shrines around the world.We foresee the creation of about 15 similar Centers. Two are already being built, at the shrines of Guadalupe and Aparecida, among the most famous and visited shrines in honor of the Virgin Mary. Another project is also partially completed in Lebanon.
  • Phase 3 (initiated): Creation of Marian Evangelization Centers in large urban areas. This project will reach a larger population, including people from non-Christian environments. A Marian Evangelization Center near Vienna, Austria, is currently being considered as well as in Moscow and other large cities in Russia.
The project is now at a very advanced stage, with the completion of the already applauded International Mary of Nazareth Center. The launching of the second phase is underway in well known places such as Guadalupe (Mexico), Aparecida (Brazil) and Qattara (Lebanon). Marian Evangelization Centers are currently under study in Austria, Russia, the US, Italy, France, Rwanda, the Philippines, and Poland.
The need of an attractive and updated catechesis through images has often been expressed by bishops of all continents. The astonishing success of Mel Gibson’s movie “The Passion of the Christ” shows that the general public is hungry for beautiful visual productions portraying the faith. The habitual contrast between the excellence of secular productions and the mediocrity of Christian movies makes it extremely urgent to produce top quality movies like the ones already produced for the International Center of Nazareth.

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