Deus Caritas Est

The mainstream culture and television networks do not sufficiently illustrate beauty, charity, and truth. The human models that are put forward are often poor and pitiful from a spiritual standpoint.

The Deus Caritas Est / The Committed Ones Project, initiated with the Pontifical Council Cor Unum and the Vatican Publishing House (Italian: Libreria Editrice Vaticana), are designed to make known to the widest possible audience the life of the greatest modern embodiments of Christian charity, today’s “Mother Teresas” (for example: Jean Vanier with the disabled, Fr. Dauchez with street children in the Philippines, Albeiro Vargas with the elderly in Colombia, etc.). The project intends to broadcast information on Christian charity in action, through the Aleteia portal, and a series of 10 documentaries for international television channels.

This project introduces to our world the real heroes of today, who are fighting to cure, heal, civilize, educate and build, out of love for their fellow man. It is high time that these luminous role models enlighten our world, which is disoriented by so many inappropriate and dark role models.