logo_adethic An online Catholic and ethical advertising agency.
The goal of AdEthic is to provide a source of advertising revenues to Christian websites.

Christian websites face an important problem today: the demonetization of their traffic.. Advertising is one of the pillars of income for online publishers, but it is very difficult to ensure that posted ads are not contrary to the values of the publisher. Ads posted through automatic programs like AdSense do not allow for an easy filtering of the contents, and for that reason many Christian websites choose to completely avoid these programs, which means significant loss in profit for them. This problem is particularly blatant for the Christian world online, but it is also shared by all the secular websites and blogs that do not wish to promote certain values or products they deem unethical, or who wish to protect young users from aggressive advertising.
  • AdEthic aims to address this problem by creating an advertising agency offering filtered ads in accordance with ethical criteria. An ethical charter has been drawn by an Ethical Committee to determine the criteria for accepting advertisements.
  • 50% of AdEthic's profits are given to charities selected through an internal qualification process.
  • AdEthic will thus offer new monetization opportunities to online publishers, with the guarantee to never post ads that conflict with their values.
    It will also give advertisers a network of qualified websites so they can reach a targeted audience.
  • AdEthic, headed by Andrea Salvati, will need 1M€ to cover its financial requirements until the break-even point. The company is expected to be profitable as early as June 2014, just 13 months after its launching,
    and returns on investments are forecast for March 2015.
  • To make this possible, AdEthic relies on two key points:
    • A privileged access to Catholic websites, thanks to the Aleteia Catholic network. At this time, 600 websites have already expressed their interest, and more than 200 agreements have been signed.
    • A partnership with DoubleClick (a subsidiary of Google), allowing AdEthic to filter ads available on the AdSense network and offer them to its customers. Thanks to this partnership, AdEthic will have immediate access to the vast network of AdSense advertisers, and will be able to automatically send ads to all the members of its publishing network.
The economic survival of many websites depends on generating income outside donations, as donors are extremely solicited.
The massive development of an ethical offer can generate keen interest beyond the Christian sphere and help develop a structure that will influence the world of advertising on the Internet.
The AdEthic website can be found at:

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