About the FEM

Founded in 2010, the FEM is a non-profit organization whose goal is to make use of the latest media technologies in service of the Catholic faith.

Why should I donate?

The Church gave us the mission to spread its message through the media. To fulfill this mission, we rely on the generosity of people like you.

Donate today and help spread the Gospel.

By your contribution you are helping to develop our current projects and you are also helping new ones to emerge.

Whether you choose to make a regular or an occasional donation, your gift is greatly appreciated!


The FEM works in conjunction with Marie de Nazareth, a non-profit organization, with which it has joint projects and where you can send your donations.

The Marie de Nazareth Association (AMDN) will provide receipts for tax benefits to donors with French tax residency.

YES! I want to help the FEM in its mission.